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70.000 on strike in Matamoros, Mexiko

70.000 on strike in Matamoros, Mexiko



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| 2019 |

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The largest strike on the continent in over 20 years could bring auto production across north America to a standstill, as the World Socialist Website reports in this video.
Workers organize themselves in strike comittees, because unions and employers collaborate against them.
End of last week the workers saw first results of their selforganized struggle: "In the third week of the strike by auto parts and electrical workers, 23 companies representing 31 plants have agreed to meet the workers’ demands of a 20 percent wage increase and a $1,700 bonus."
But the workers are also threatened with repression: "In 13 plants, the state government colluded with the companies to declare the strike illegal and had threatened 25,000 workers with mass firings unless they return to their posts within 24 hours. Another 10 companies have asked the state government to take similar actions." (


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