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The autonomous dockworkers' collective CALP

The autonomous dockworkers' collective CALP

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| 2022 |

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The autonomous dockworkers' collective CALP has existed since 2011 and is an important institution in Genoa. We interviewed the spokesperson José Nivoi in June 2022.

In 2019, the dockworkers "prevented the loading of generators for the Saudi military on the Saudi Arabian freighter Bahri Yanbu in the port of Genoa, in order not to become accomplices in the war in Yemen." (Informationsstelle MIlitarisierung) With this and similar actions, they generated a lot of attention and achieved that the shipping of weapons to war theatres was banned in the port of Genoa. 

The CALP is also actively involved with other groups in driving fascist groups out of the city.

Since last year, the CALP has been organising a transnational anti-militarist strike of dock workers.
The strike is planned to take place at the end of September or beginning of October 2022.


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