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General Strike in Rome, October 27, 2017

General Strike in Rome, October 27, 2017

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On October 27, 2017, a general strike took place in Italy. It was organized by the Italian base unions. In Rome striking workers spent the day alongside squatters and migrants "who had passed the desert and the sea […] and who saw their companions die on the way.” The workers come from different countries. Many, no matter whether born in Italy or not, are in danger of losing their apartment because their wage isn't high enough for paying the rent.

This video of the day of the general strike shows how proletarian struggles come together and how much social dynamics this creates. - Recommended by the editors as a remedy against the fall and winter depressions!

“For October 27, 2017, the base unions CUB, SBG,SiCobas and SlaiCobas called for a general strike against the policies of the Italian government which has tried to push through a whole range of anti-social reforms and political steps backwards […]: lifting the retirement age, work contracts according to the wishes of the business people and much more, always following the German successful models of exploitation […]. The three big Italian union associations had different positions on these reforms but just spread statements and organized events without even trying to mobilize against it.” (LabournetGermany)


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