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Logistics worker killed while on strike

Logistics worker killed while on strike



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| 2016 |

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During the night between September 14 and 15, Abd Elsalam Ahmed Eldanf  (53, father of five) was killed while he was on strike with other workers in front of the GLS logistic plant in Piacenza. Eyewitnesses confirm that the truck driver was ordered to break the picket line by the Chief of Staff at the plant. In the video we see a similar scene that happened in May 2012 in front of the CAAT centralmarket in Torino.

Since 2008, when the logistics workers' started their cycle of struggles, the picket lines where attacked by police and scabs very violently and on a regular basis. Strikers lost teeth, got severely injured and beaten up by police and thugs.

"Was happened at GLS in Piacenza is fatal, but not surprising: in dozens of picket lines during the last years, the tragedy was avoided only by chance due to  sinister bosses and cooperatives, that incite the drivers against the strikers. In dozens of cases our workers have been struck by trucks, and when they are not successful with the drivers, they use the scabs from CGIL, like at sda in Rome one year ago. (...) What happened in piacenza however changes the overall picture. and must not remain unpunished." (provincial coordination SI Cobas, Rome 16 June 2016) 

The The Piacenza Prosecutor’s office established that his death was a car accident since they deny that there was any strike or protest taking place at that moment.

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