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| 2002 |

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Argentina 2002 - In the past 30 years, many Argentinians have lost their jobs and have faced hunger and social exclusion. Many of them protest by blocking roads and have begun to call themselves "Piqueteros". This film is a portrait of the women among them, for whom it is even more difficult to find work. It is also a compilation of historic footage of the uprising of 2001/2002.

"In the nineties with the neoliberalism, many companies were privatized and many many people lost their jobs. They needed to go out, to cut the roads, to complain and make themselves be heard by the company owners, the government and the rest of the people. The same situation was repeated in the south and north in Argentina. The workers lost everything and claimed for “work and dignity” with their families and children. These people were harshly repressed and a few even killed during the road cuts. This movement was called piquetero, and I focused on women. In my documentary I tell the story of the origins of the piqueteros´ movement, through the women’s voice." (Malena Bystrowicz)


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