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Workers against the privatization of Huicoma

Workers against the privatization of Huicoma



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January 2010, Bamako - Since November 1, 2009, workers of Huicoma have occupied the union building in Bamako. They are protesting against the privatization of Huicoma (Huiliere Cotoniere du Mali). Huicoma used to be an important state-owned enterprise producing oil, soap, and foodstuffs.

Its privatization in 2005 is a showcase of the criminal ways in which public property was sold off in Mali.

In 2005 84,13% of Huicoma's shares were sold to the Tomota Group. The new owners took the workers' part of the social insurance off the wages, but they did not transfer that part to the social insurance administration. In 2007 workers were laid off, 31 union members were arrested and then sacked, and finally, the wages of 160 workers were not paid.

Laid-off workers get a chance to speak. They have occupied the union building, not just to protest against the wage arrears and lay-offs, but also to demand the return of Huicoma to the people of Mali. The union federation has not supported them.

Workers do get the support of the Movement Sans Voix (Movement of People without Voices). The mobilization is similar to the strike of the railway workers in 1946.

team: collectif des travailleurs licenciés et non licenciés de HUICOMA et son comité de soutien


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