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Occupy Oakland Press Conference

Occupy Oakland Press Conference



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| 2011 |

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October 31, 2011, Oakland, CA - At a press conference Occupy Oakland announces the general strike and the blockage of the port on November 2. Oakland has the fourth biggest port in the USA.

"This is not about a crisis or Wall Street, this is capitalism run-a-muck", says a port worker. A women fights against losing her flat and says that in Oakland they foreclosed on 30.000 homes since 2008. She says that there will be resistance. "They are sweeping us out of our homes like we are dead mice, but we will let them know that we are not dead, that we are standing up, and that we are going to fight back."

A teacher says that five elementary schools have been closed in order to save two million dollars. He calls for the take-over of schools.

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