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Nazrul and Lochan

Nazrul and Lochan



12 min

| 2009 |

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Gurgaon/India, June 2009 - Nazrul and Lochan are friends. They work in a guest house. Both came to Gurgaon to find work. They talk about what it means to leave the countryside and go to the city. "It is now two and a half years since I came here. For a job, for work, to earn money, this is why I came here. One person can earn Rs 2000 – 3000. In the village getting a job is not so easy. To get a government job you need a lot of qualifications, backing, money, everything. We do not have this. If you cannot get a government job, in the village there are no companies. What can you do there – some work in farms or in houses."



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