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Lip - We maintain it is possible!

Lip - We maintain it is possible!

french with english subs.


43 min

| 2013 |

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Lip - We maintain it is possible! A Film by Chris Marker

Since 1973 the company name Lip stands for worker self-management. A defensive struggle turns into defiant hope as the film title says: "We maintain it is possible!"!

Since April 1973, the Lip workforce is threatened with mass redundancies leading to first demonstrations. On June 12, it is announced that wages will not be paid, triggering a "bossnapping" and the first deployment of security forces. Meanwhile, the workers confiscate the stock of watches. After a huge demonstration on June 15, the factory is occupied on June 18: production under workers self-management starts. On August 14, the police violently stops the occupation, but the struggle is far from being over...

The film follows the development until the end of August 1973.

team: Chris Marker et al.

Tags: 1968


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