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Amazon - The Truth behind the Click

Amazon - The Truth behind the Click



28 min

| 2014 |

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Documentary film about the working conditions at Amazon - A journalist sent a worker with a hidden camera into the Amazon-warehouse in Swansea (Wales). He works before Christmas as a picker, for 6,50 to 8,25 pounds per hour, depending on the shift. Every day he has to walk 6 to 11 miles per 10,5 hour shift. A hand scanner tells him how many seconds he has to collect the next item. Errors are indicated by a beep. The managers control his performace, push him forward, threaten with disciplinary action. If someone is three times ill he or she is fired. This kind of shift work under pressure is threatening people's health, says an expert. Worldwide tens of thousands work under these conditions for Amazon. In Germany, there have been strikes at Amazon, in Poland, currently new warehouses are being built. How long will it take before workers there fight against exploitation?

team: BBC

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