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Mall of Shame

Mall of Shame



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| 2014 |

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Berlin, December, 2014 - Five Euro per hour and a work contract were agreed upon. For months, rumanian construction workers have worked 10 hours a day and six days a week on the construction site of Mall Of Berlin on Leipziper Platz, only to be then cheated of their pay. Now they have been protesting on location for a week. Every day they stay in the cold for 6 hours. Come and visit them! Bring your solidarity and hot beverages!  

On Saturday, December 6th at 2pm, a demonstration will take place in order to force the builder Andreas Fettchenhauer and the investor Harald Huth to pay the outstanding wages.  The demonstration also aims at raising the issue of working conditions of migrant workers in Berlin in general.  

When? December 6th, 2014 2pm

Where? Leipziger Platz 12 (U-Bhf Postdamer Platz)

team: and L. Sauviat

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