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Mall of Shame - Call for demo on Saturday 06.12.2014

Mall of Shame - Call for demo on Saturday 06.12.2014

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We publish here a great mobilisation video for the demo on Saturday the 6th.

"My name is Droma Bogdan. Saturday, December 6, I will demonstrate at Potsdamer Platz at Mall of Berlin. Why demonstrate? Because I worked and I didn't receive my money."

"It is my right to fight against these people. If you have worked and you don't get your money, if you went through what I have been through and if you didn't fight the way we fight you have the opportunity to fight now. I ask for your solidarity."

Come and show your support to the workers of Mall of Shame!

Demo, Saturday 06.12.2104, Leipziger Platz, 2 pm.

team: A.B.


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