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A Job I Can Enjoy

A Job I Can Enjoy

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| 2015 |

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Video about a worker who makes $8 (7,45 Euro) per hour at a fastfood restaurant in Philadelphia. She decided to engage in the "Fight for $15" campaign for a minimal wage of $15 an hour and explains why she decided to join the movement.

The campaign has been going on since April 2012 and has led to many nationwide days of strikes, bringing together low-paid workers from different sectors : the fast food industry, but also workers in care, retail, construction work, and even at airports.

The movement has already achieved small successes: Walmart recently increased its minimal wage to $9. In Seattle, the decision was also reached that, from 2017 onwards, a minimal wage of $15 an hour would be enforced.

The movement, if not autonomous (big unions such as the SEIU, as well as church organisations, have retained a large control on them, to an extend that varies from city to city), is the biggest wave of strikes by low-wage workers in the USA since decades and could not have gone on without a real workers' involvement from below (see article "Whose Strike" by Kasama Project on libcom).




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