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France, 24 March 2016

France, 24 March 2016



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Protests against the new labour law in France continue. On 24 march all over the country demonstrations against the El Khomri Law took place. The law attacks many of the restrictions to a total flexibilisation on labour time. On March 31 a countrywide general strike is planned.  
In this intense video we see a demonstration in Paris, with mainly young people taking part.
During this demonstration a young student got punched by a group of riot cops in front of the Lycée Bergson in Paris. His schoolmates responded by attacking a police station in the 19e Arrondissement. See the video here.
Grafitis say: "Strike until pension" and "Pension at 13".

Here you can see a mobilization video for the general strike on march 31 from Montréal.


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