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At War (trailer)

At War (trailer)

French with eng. subs


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| 2019 |

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"At War", a 2018 fiction inspired by the struggle at the factory Metal Aquitaine in Fumel (South-West France) does not only show the distress and anger of workers learning that their factory will close and that all the promises that were made to them about the future of their workplace were pure lies. It also shows the realities of their long and intense struggle, their solidarity and their courage in their fight to prevent the closure and get financial compensations. 

"At War" is the latest of a series of French films that have been made since 2008 about the social harships resulting from factory closures and unemployment ("Louise Hires a Contract Killer", "Le Grand Soir", "The Measure of a Man"). It portrays particularly well the problematic role of media in the coverage of workers' struggles.

"At War" can be seen in Berlin Cinemas from 25 April onwards. We are showing a trailer.

team: Stéphane Brizé

Tags: shutdowns


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