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Why you lying, Deliveroo

Why you lying, Deliveroo



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| 2017 |

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Conflicts on working conditions of couriers and drivers are currently visible in many countries. Controlled by apps, the couriers deliver all kinds of things with their bicycles and other vehicles, like pizza and packages. Often self-employed, they don't get enough orders, and their wage is insufficient to guarantee a livelihood. In addition, rushing around the city is dangerous.

Tony from Brighton, England, works for Deliveroo delivering food. In this film he takes apart an advertising video made by Deliveroo. Four alleged Deliveroo couriers praise the conditions at their employer. Tony goes through their claims and unmasks them as lies. has already reported on the conditions at Deliveroo in England, like in this film on a wildcat strike of Deliveroo couriers in London (2016) and the report Deliveroo couriers organize in Bristol.


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