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About us is an internet platform for films on workers' struggles. We collect them and make them available for free, online and for presentations and screenings. So far, our archive holds 900 films from 56 different countries. Every year about 50 new ones are added. Gradually, is becoming a historical pictorial chronicle of the class struggles in different countries.

From the perspective of the workers themselves
The workers themselves have their say in our films. The films document important experiences and lessons learned. One of them is: We have a lot of power when we organize together. These films and videos are essential in order to preserve working class history. is more then just an archive
We are a collective of women who have started to film struggles at the workplace and in the street – because they inspire us. We need our own images - in order not to become an mere appendage of the dominant images and ideas, to develop our own social imagination and to spread the news of struggles and successes.


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