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In the box - Dans la boîte

In the box - Dans la boîte

French with engl. subs


18 min

| 2017 |

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Film about the systematic wage dumping taking place in the printed advertising delivery sector in France. A carrier tells us that only half of her real worktime is paid. It soon becomes clear that this is true for the 40 000 other people working in that sector. The documentary is made from interviews with other workers, employers and with the CEO of one of the biggest of these companies in France : ADREXO. A union member of SUD explains that all those who are concerned can sue the company and get their back pay. Until now, all those who went to court won their trial.

CP-Production has just produced a DVD with two videos from Nina Faure and two from Julien Brygo. (About Julien Brygo, see : "Profession Maid" on
The DVD is called "Four small films against big capital" and can be ordered here : Four small films against big capital - order dvd

In Germany, contrary to France, carriers are still paid per hour and not per item delivered. However, newspapers carriers do not even get the minimal wage, as there is an exemption for this sector: while the minimum wage in germany is 8,84 €, the minimal wage in that sector is still 8,50.



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