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Chronicles of an unhappened revolution

Chronicles of an unhappened revolution

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| 2017 |

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On Monday, March 27, 2017, Russian truckers begann a strike. The conflict between them and the Russian government about a road tax (toll) started in fall 2015.

About 70 percent of the truckers are (small) contractors. They say the road tax (toll) pushes them into bankruptcy. The economic crisis in Russia has made the situation of truckers worse already, and the EU sanctions connected to the conflict on the Crimean Peninsula and Easter Ukraine have led to a decrease of transport orders.

The strike that started on March 27 has had different magnitude depending on the region. On roads and parking lots thousands of truckers have met and caused traffic jams. This video shows a long row of striking trucks. According to media reports, the government has taken back a part of the toll increase planned for April.

Many truckers are careful. The government reacted to the strike actions in 2015/16 with penalties, and at that time many truckers were pushed out of business due to the rising costs. In addition, independent contractors and big logistics companies have different interests, and, allegedly, the latter have gotten toll discounts from the government.

On the occasion of the new strike since the end of March we document the trailer of the film "Chronicles of an unhappened revolution." The film maker followed Russian truckers in 2015 and 2016 and filmed their protest actions. Currently the film is presented at film festivals, but we hope to be able to document it in full length at some point.

On the situation of truckers also see the report by Kilometerfresser TV: Strike and self-organization of truckers in Russia.


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