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Protest at Gorillas warehouse

Protest at Gorillas warehouse



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| 2021 |

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On June 10, 2021 Gorillas workers protested in front of the warehouse in Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg. They raise three demands: the reinstatement of their colleague Santiago who was fired yesterday, no terminations without previous warnings, and the abolition of the probation period (that is currently 6 months).

"Gorillas without the riders cannot do any business. Those guys who are giving us corporate speech all day long and trying to disperse the crowd, - they cannot take 25 kilo backpacks on their back and deliver to customers all day long! They are not gonna do that. ...  We will eventually win. There is no way that we can lose", says a rider in the video.


Before Gorillas I worked in numerous hospitality businesses and various other warehouse jobs for much less pay and much worse conditions. After being a rider at this company I can assure you it is one of the best companies I have ever worked for. Gorillas payed better than my last berlin café job (not to mention all the free food),the vibes are great and and the work is super chilled. I am not really sure what these riders aim to achieve. Shutting down the company so no one has a job? I think a look into the real world reality of work is needed for some.

Hey Luke,
Did you watch the video? They're trying to get their colleague's job back, he was fired for no reason without warning. I wouldn't exactly call that super chilled. Not to mention it's against labor laws and even breaking the contract that the company made. Definitely not chill. And it looks like they're aiming to achieve better working conditions for everyone, you included. How much do you get paid? Where are you based? I think a look into the real world reality of work is need for the ones doing the firing, maybe they want to try carrying around a 25kg backpack all day making deliveries.

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