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Deliveroo and Foodora Riders' Struggles in Berlin

Cinéma Klassenkampf

Deliveroo and Foodora Riders' Struggles in Berlin

17 April 2018, 8pm K-Fetisch, Wildenbruchstr. 86, Berlin Neukölln

In Berlin, in the last two years, riders working for food-platforms such as Deliveroo and Foodora have been repeatedly organizing actions and demonstrations to improve their working conditions. As they face particularly difficult conditions to organize because of the precariousness of their working situation, they have been looking for alternative ways of struggling, including direct action. And they are not alone: in many cities in Europe, riders have organised petitions, picket lines in front of restaurants as well as wildcat strikes, and have sometimes managed to achieve significant results. When such actions were successful, the word got spread across cities and countries, enabling other struggling riders to reflect on existing strategies and develop new ones. 

With this event, we want to participate in this process by showing videos displaying diverse actions organised by riders in Europe, and discuss with struggling riders in Berlin to which extend these could be of help. Riders of Deliveroo and Foodora will be speaking about their experience of the campaign in Berlin, and all supporters and people interested are welcome to participate to the debate. 

Event in English, if needed translation into German will be provided.


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