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Demonstration against the arrest of SI Cobas spokesman Aldo Milani

Demonstration against the arrest of SI Cobas spokesman Aldo Milani

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In Modena, on Saturday, 4th February 2017, 1.000 workers have protested against the arrestation of SI Cobas coordinator Aldo Milani, and against the media's rash judgement against him.

What had happened:
Working conditions in the Italian meat industry in the Modena region are even worse and inhumane than in the warehouses. The workers organized in SI Cobas and ADL Cobas have achieved considerable success in recent months. In one company, wages have been increased by 40%. SI Cobas has also sued the meat  producer for additional payment of wages and social insurance contributions of more than 1 million euros. In addition, the workers have carried out a series of strikes in Levoni factories, because 55 SI Cobas members had been dismissed after having gone on strike. In January, the Group called the spokesman of SI Cobas Aldo Milani to a negotiating table. The police had posted a camera. Next to Aldo Milani was a middleman for Levoni. The man had become a consultant for the Levoni Group after having spent 18 months in prison for tax evasion. The police video shows a representative of the Levoni handing him a cover letter across the table and him taking it. When Milani and the middleman left the meeting, they were arrested. In all the media, the news was published that two corrupt SI Cobas representatives had claimed money to curb the strikes.


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