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Don't call us heroes!

Don't call us heroes!



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| 2022 |

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"We are feminist from  Vienna and we wrote this song in response to the labeling of us workers as “heroes” during the first lockdown.

For all the employees in the supermarkets, the nursing and health staff, for everyone in the so-called "systemically important" professions, this designation is a mockery. Instead of applause, we demand more wages, hazard pay and more staff, especially in the health sector! We show solidarity with all labor disputes worldwide! We want to emphasize the special role of women, they do most of the reproductive work, both paid and unpaid. By dealing with the pandemic in this capitalist patriarchal society, this has become much more acute.

We would like the song to be distributed and used, it is our contribution to the class struggle!

Let's organize and fight for a beautiful life for everyone!"     

team: autonome feministinnen


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