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Ecological conversion now!

Besetzte Fabrik GKN Campi Bisenzio

Ecological conversion now!

For almost 30 months, the ex-GKN workforce has been fighting for their jobs and the future of their factory. Since the sudden closure of the car parts factory in Campi Bisenzio near Florence in July 2021, the workers have been occupying the factory. Together with the Italian climate movement, they have made a plan for converting the production to something ecologically sensible. We visited them at the occupied factory in June 2022:

Now it's getting serious. The workers want to keep the factory and start producing. In future, the 40,000m2 factory will produce photovoltaic systems with carbon nanotubes and cargo bikes. The workers now need the start-up capital for this. The GFF co-operative is issuing an initial "solidarity package" of shares worth one million euros. The first stage of the "100 times 10,000" campaign to involve civil society in the cooperative begins.

Show your solidarity by buying shares in the cooperative! You may want to join forces as a group, as the minimum amount is 500 euros.

You can subscribe to a share here

Any uncertainties?
Contact the supporters of Gkn4Future Germany: 
Or (in Italian or English) the cooperative itself: | Tel (+39) 3478646481


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