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The factory collective ex-GKN in Berlin

The factory collective ex-GKN in Berlin

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On 4 March 2023, an important event took place with ex-GKN workers from Firenze and the german climate movement.

The former workers of the GKN car parts factory have been occupying their factory over the last 20 months, and are fighting to keep their jobs and to be able to produce something ecologically meaningful. As the "resistant village of Asterix and Obelix" in an ocean of capitalist destruction.

Representatives of Fridays For Future and the campaign reported on the rapprochement between the climate and workers' movements that we have seen at the ongoing public transport strikes and the climate strike of 3 March 2023.

A landmark event, recommended for all those who feel disheartened and disoriented.

Here you can support theex-GKN workers' call to come to Florence on march 25.

The event was organised by Collettivo di Fabbrica ex-GKN, Fridays For Future, Ende Gelände, Sand im Getriebe, IL, Die Linke SDS, Genug Ist Genug, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Movement Hub and the Italian partisan association A.N.P.I.


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