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| 2017 |

hits: 171 is an internet platform for films about struggles from the workers' movement. We document these struggles with the camera. is also a moving-image search engine for the history of class struggle. We collect historical and contemporary films about working conditions, strikes and insurrections. And we make them available free of charge, online and for events. So far, the archive comprises 700 films from 52 countries. Each year, 50 new films are added. → is a political project that should endure
The Stiftung Menschenwürde und Kommunikation in der Arbeitswelt funded the establishment and first years of Now we need funding members to sponsor its future activities. We are looking for 500 people who are willing to donate 10 euros a month. Or for 100 people who are able to donate 50 euros. Smaller monthly contributions are also welcome.  Becoming a supporter makes you part of the project. Once a year, we will invite you to meet with us and the protagonists of our films to talk about what we’re doing. We look forward to seeing you →


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