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The Loud Spring - Release Trailer

The Loud Spring - Release Trailer

german with engl. subs.


2 min

| 2022 |

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While the climate movement is increasingly recognizing that capitalism and climate change mitigation are incompatible, it lacks a concrete political vision of how we can bring about systemic change.
"The Loud Spring" outlines what the profound change we need might look like. - And why there can be no green capitalism.

Starring: Andreas Malm, Julia Steinberger, Esteban Servat, Matthias Schmelzer, climate activists from Ende Gelände, FridaysForFuture, XR, the AngryWorkers collective, Amazon workers, Omas gegen Rechts and the Mexican National Indigenous Congress CNI  

Screenings of the english version

Please get in touch if you want to organize a screening in your city: info at



I would like to ask, if there is a chance to see the documentary and then, possibly, organise screenings in Slovakia.

Thanks for response,

zvazpa [at]

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