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Migrant workers' struggle in a sea of plastic foil

Migrant workers' struggle in a sea of plastic foil

Spanish with English subs.


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| 2017 |

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In San Isidro, Andalusia, 22 workers are on strike. In the video, one of the workers talks about their exploitation and about a wage that does suffice to feed their children. And about their decision to fight back.

In the last few months, the workers have organized themselves against their employer, together with the militant agricultural workers' union SOC-SAT. There was a conciliation and the workers signed an agreement: "Instead of 32 € for 8 hours, 37.96 € should now be paid for 6½ hours, and the salary should always be paid on the 5th of the next month." (From the solidarity declaration of the Interbrigadas - spanish)

But on March 7, 2017, all the oppressed workers were dismissed without notice. The fight goes on.

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