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Pierburg - Their Struggle Is Our Struggle

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Pierburg - Their Struggle Is Our Struggle

July 16, 9pm Leopoldplatz Berlin Wedding open air

film and discussion
July 16 9pm
open air, Leopoldplatz Berlin Wedding

In 1973, there was a successful wildcat strike at the automotive supplier Pierburg in Neuss, mainly by migrant women workers. The walkout was part of a wave of wildcat strikes in 1973 involving a total of 275,000 workers in 335 factories. 

Pierburg - Their Struggle is Our Struggle 
(Germany 1974, Edith Schmidt/David Wittenberg, 49 min) Here is an extract from the film.

We will watch the film together and discuss the legality of wildcat strikes in Germany today with courier drivers from Gorillas and the lawyer Benedikt Hopmann.

The event will be held in German and English.

Organised by and Hände weg vom Wedding, as part of draussenstadt


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