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The Polish grassroot union IP

The Polish grassroot union IP

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11 min

| 2018 |

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This video features an interview with the union activist Agnieszka from Poland. She works at Amazon in Poznań, where 500 workers managed to organise themselves in the IP union (Inicjatywa Pracownicza). The Brutto hourly pay went up "since 2014 from 13,00 to 18,50 Zloty", as stated in the final report of the "cross-border meeting of Amazon workers" in September 2018 in Bad Hersfeld. The IP however is not only active in Amazon. Its sphere of influence also goes far beyond into other areas of the left wing scene. 

"When people realise that we are on the same level as them, then they get more involved. At this time when unemployment is low and wages are rising we see a glimmer of hope for the workers' movement. It is a moment when we feel that we, the workers, have power."


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