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A public hub for sustainable mobility

A public hub for sustainable mobility

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Dario Salvetti is a worker at the ex-GKN factory near Florence, which was closed in 2021 and has since been occupied by the workforce. (Watch our video about the occupied factory here.)

In a Zoom call with the Climate Camp in Venice 2022, in 13 minutes he develops a programme for a public, worker-led sustainable transport hub that is worth fighting for.

The workers in the automotive industry who will become redundant due to the switch to e-mobility are to work together in what Dario calls a ‘public hub for sustainable mobility’. Together with scientists, they are to develop and build new ecological means of transport for free public transport. The hub is to be financed with public funds. So instead of subsidising private companies that cut jobs and produce environmentally harmful vehicles for profit, the public sector should subsidise the production of ecological means of transport under the control of the workers. Reduced working hours with full wage compensation shall ensure that everyone works, and all work less.

In view of the fact that also in Germany around 300,000 jobs in the automotive industry will be lost as a result of the switch to e-mobility, this programme is also important for the discussion here. Of course, it will need a class movement and pressure through hard struggle in order to enforce a programme like that. But we can't go on fighting for single demands without fighting for an overall change, or, like the ex-GKN workers phrase it in their slogan: We have to fight "For this, for that, and for all of it". ("Per questo, per altro e per tutto")

"Those who believe they can fight to get to the end of the month without also fighting against the end of the world will not succeed." (from the video)

The ex-GKN factory collective has founded a cooperative and has launched a "popular shareholder campaign" to be able to start production of cargobikes and solar panels. You can subscribe here:

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