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The Sidney riders' struggle

The Sidney riders' struggle

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On March 14th 2018, riders of the food delivery companies Foodora, Deliveroo and UberEATS, joined by many supporters, demonstrated in Sydney to ask for an improvement of their working conditions. Many of them are paid as little as $6 an hour and are classed as independent contractors rather than employees, which means they have to pay for their equipment and their insurances.

In Berlin, Deliveroo riders are also self employed and are paid 5,- Euros per delivery, with no guaranteed minimal hourly wage.

On April 17 in K-Fetisch at 8pm, will organise a screening of videos showing struggles of food delivery companies around the world. Struggling riders will also report on the state of their campaign in Berlin and discuss the next steps to take to carry on their fight. Event on Facebook:



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