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Thousands of couriers strike in Turkey

Thousands of couriers strike in Turkey

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| 2022 |

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Inflation in Turkey is spiralling and worker strikes are spreading across industries, from manufacturing and logistics to the healthcare sector. Since the beginning of February 2022 thousands of food delivery couriers working for Yemeksepeti (owned by Delivery Hero) have been striking and protesting across the country.

"The rent is 3000 lira..the minimum wage is 4000 lira. How can you manage?“

The drivers were offered a 17% wage hike, which just reaches the minimum wage and is not enough to pay for fuel and other everyday goods which have become unaffordable since the currency crisis. Employers and the police have reacted violently to workers’ protests. In Kocaeli workers at the Farplas car manufacturer company were fired, and violently attacked and arrested by police. In a Migros supermarket warehouse in Istanbul striking workers were fired and also arrested for protesting. Earlier in the month 2000 mainly female workers at a sock factory protested against poverty wages and won a 70% pay raise.

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