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107 Seconds – Workers Of The South

107 Seconds – Workers Of The South

Italian with english subtitles


60 min

| 2001 |

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Giovanni, Antonio and Marco have been laid off by FIAT and are now on a tour to visit several FIAT plants in the south of Italy. They lost their jobs after going on strike against a rise in the pace of work, which had been unbearable even before the protest. During their tour to visit their former colleagues, it becomes obvious that thousands of workers are in just the same situation the three workers had been in previously: On one hand, FIAT manager Marchionne exerts pressure to obtain more and more concessions from the workers; on the other hand there is the paralyzing fear of becoming unemployed. But it is Pomigliano of all places, the factory in which the pressurizing had started, which now shows a way out of this dilemma: class war and unity of the oppressed.

team: la danza inmóvil, suttuvuess

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