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Mate, Clay And Production

Mate, Clay And Production



53 min

| 2003 |

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'To work without hierarchies, as "horizontally" as possible. Many people say, this is impossible. But it seems just as impossible to squat a factory, or to do many more of the things that we achieve here.' - Christian is one of more that 300 workers of a very modern - and occupied - ceramics factory in Patagonia. Since more than two and a half years, they produce their tiles in autogestion.

More than 160 companies and factories in the country have been taken over by the workers, after the former owners had run away. The Zanon workers have become a symbol of the new social movements in Argentina, because of their consequent grassroots democracy, their radical demands, and their spirit of resistance.

So far, the owner has not been successful with his attempts to evict them.

team: AK Kraak


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