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Two Years More

Two Years More



27 min

| 2006 |

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Film about a domestic worker from the Philippines who is working in Hong Kong..

"(...) when [Lizza] David wanted to make a film about the work of her aunt, a domestic worker in Hong Kong, the aunt did not want to be filmed. But half a year later she sent her niece a tape with recordings of herself and her work, which she had made of her own accord, and which she said could be published - only on the condition that her "master's" family would not appear on screen.

This process is highly significant: all of a sudden, it is not proud apartment owners who show their possessions, but a servant. Aunt Nerry, oppressed in a 16-hour work day just a moment ago, becomes the protagonist and stage director of her own life."

( - 15.03.2008 Jessica Zeller)

Tags: feminism


Hi, thanks for the film. the subtitle has not been found to download. By the way, you wrote it is English with German subtitle but as I play the commentary is in German.

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