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The Movement of Muckrakes

The Movement of Muckrakes

italian with german subtitles


16 min

| 2012 |

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January 2012 - Sicilian fishermen, truck drivers, wheat farmers, day labourers, shepherds and unemployed people go to the barricades, because they cannot earn their livelihood anymore - like many of their fellow compatriots. The island's blockade (refineries, motorways and ports) lasts five days. The movement spills over to Calabria and Sardinia almost immediately.

A price increase on petrol at the beginning of the year (2011-2012) is the final straw. The price for ship fuel has risen from 30 to 80 cents in the past three years.

The Italian TV broadcasters generally ignore the movement. This film was made by an independent TV broadcaster called Servizio Pubblico (Public Service). Servicio Pubblico's programs are shown by local TV stations and the internet.


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