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Strike at Thyssen-Krupp in Hong Kong

Strike at Thyssen-Krupp in Hong Kong



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September 26 to 28, 2011 - Strike of Thyssen-Krupp elevator-technicians in Hong Kong

The workers strike for higher wages in 2012. They have the lowest wages in the sector in Hong Kong. The income of those who have been working for Thyssen-Krupp for a while is lower that the income of those who have been hired recently. The latter get 8.500 HK-Dollar (about 813 Euros).

Earlier on, after a one-day strike in October 2008, the Thyssen-Krupp workers got a 5 percent wage increase for 2009. That time they also successfully prevented the transformation from a two-shift-system to a three-shift-system, and they forced Thyssen-Krupp to hire more workers in order to make sure that there are two workers in each team. After the strike the workers formed a union.


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