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Like a Bird in a Cage

Like a Bird in a Cage

turkish with english subtitles


30 min

| 2009 |

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Womens' resistance against the owner of the Desa-factory in Turkey.

"Emine Arslan has worked at the Desa-factory in Sefaköy, Turkey, for eight years. Over time she got increasingly discontented with the working conditions in the factory. The long working hours and the large number of overtime hours were especially hard to cope with. That's why, in July 2008, she turned to the local branch of the union Deri Is. She wanted to fight for better working conditions, so she started to inform other workers about the union and recruit members. Although Emine Arslan was known as a good and diligent employee, she was sacked within a short period of time. (...)
Since then she has been protesting outside the factory.
When the factory managers realised that the small woman was not easily intimidated, they offered her 15,000 Euros if she stopped her protest. But Emine Arslan was not going to be corrupted. After that the intimidation attempts became more drastic: Emine Arslan was subtly informed that her family could be harmed. Immediately after an unknown person tried to kidnap her 11-year-old daughter. Fortunately, the attempted kidnapping failed. Emine Arslan pressed charges against an unknown person. Meanwhile, the factory management pressed charges against her for injurious falsehood and obtained fines." (inkota)

team: Güliz Sağlam, Freyal Saygiligil


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