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David Harvey on Class Struggle

David Harvey on Class Struggle



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| 2011 |

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In his last video lecture on Karl Marx's "Capital" the theorist David Harvey talks about class and the necessity of class struggles.

According to Harvey, Marx holds up a sufficient mirror for us to start taking action. He makes clear that we will not accomplish anything if we do not engage in class struggle. It is up to us to consolidate what that might mean. Harvey proposes, for instance, that struggles about primitive accumulation and accumulation by dispossession have to be integrated with traditional struggles in the workplace.

Harvey emphasizes that we should not be frightened of the word 'class'. He says: "The capitalist class, which is very easy to define right now does not want us to think about class. It does not want that we think about our own interests. It hides where the money is coming from and where it is going to. The bourgeoisie is very delighted by things like identity politics, because it helps to hide what all is really about: "The center piece of the problem is that they are accumulating capital off your back. They are either doing it by dispossession, or they are doing it by absorbing your labor and the like."

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