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Bengalis in Gurgaon

Bengalis in Gurgaon

hindi with englisch subs.

| | 2009 |

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Gurgaon, India, June 23, 2009 - Visit in a "village in the village" inhabited by Bengal migrants. They live in crowded spaces, isolated on an empty site in Gurgaon. The men work on their own account as rickshaw-drivers. "What can we do about it? We cannot go to the police. If we complain to the government, they do not listen to us. If we, 10 or 100 rickshaws, jam the road, and ask the public to increase our fares, the police will come and beat us up, because we do not have a union. If there were a union, if even two rickshaws block the road, no car will pass them."


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