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The Factory - A song by La Canaille

The Factory - A song by La Canaille



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The Factory - Video Clip of the song "L'usine" by the French group La Canaille, a hip-hop band from Montreuil, a suburb of Paris. The song pictures the everyday life at the assembly line, with its repetitive rhythm and its alienation.

The name "La Canaille"comes from a revolutionary song chanted during the insurrection of the Paris Commune. The group has already made two albums and the song "The Factory" is part of the first one : "Une goutte de miel dans un Litre de Plomb"

In an interview about the second album, "Par temps de rage", Marc Nammour, the singer, explains:
"The idea [...] was as well not to forget where we come from. I really consider myself as coming from a family of proles. I grew up in a small town in the East of France, there were factories as far as your eyes could see. That's the everyday life of three quarters of the youth where I live: to end up on the assembly lane [ ...]"
The new album is called "Par temps de rage" (Time of rage) "because you can not decontextualize it from this time of crisis, affecting small working-class towns where three quarters of companies do sub-contracting and totally depend on big factories which can relocate elsewhere. So what do you find in these abandoned industrial areas? Unemployment, life on benefits, precarious jobs and then inevitably drugs, these 'artificial paradises', because you need to find some other ways to keep dreaming".
The rest of the interview (in French) can be read here:

team: La Canaille


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