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The uprising in Bosnia

The uprising in Bosnia

serbo-kroatian with engl. subs.


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Video about the uprising in Bosnia in February 2014

The protests started in Tuzla on February 4th, when workers of several privatized factories demonstrated to demand the wages and benefits that hadn't be paid to them for years. When they demonstrated with other workers on the 5th of February, they were brutally attacked by the police. This provoked a massive movement of solidarity by younger people and unemployed, who took to the streets and stormed and burned the government building of canton Tuzla, forcing the government to resign. 

Protests spread across Bosnia and many solidarity demos were organized in other ex-Yugoslavia countries: in Serbia, in Croatia, in Slovenia but also in Montenegro and Macedonia. 

In the video, which combines TV pictures and our own footage, protesters speak about their situation and we see what happened in the streets. It seems remarkable how many angry old people participated in this protests.

team: / Diakoptes Berlin


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