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Why making films about workers' struggles?

Why making films about workers' struggles?

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| 2014 |

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Skype interviews with four video collectives who regularly report on workers' struggles: Reelnews in the UK, Diakoptes in Greece, laborbeat in USA and Mosireen in Egypt.

We wanted to know why these collectives decided to make videos about workers' struggles, the problems they confronted, and the echo these videos have.

These interviews were part of a discussion we organised in Mai 2014 in Berlin about the role of video activism in workers' struggle compared to similar experiences in the 70s, particularly the experience of the Medvedkine group in France (watch here the interview we made with one of its founding members: Bruno Muel).

Since 2011 and the new wave of struggles (including workers' struggles) that followed the economic crisis, video collectives like laborbeat, Diakoptes, Mosireen and Reelnews have been crucial in documenting the realities of struggles at the workplace. Now, in countries where these struggles are ebbing, like in Egypt, they are facing increasing difficulties and repression.


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