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We are worth more!

We are worth more!

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| 2016 |

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WeAreWorthMore! Rise of a new social movement in France against the El Khomri draft labour law. This law, called after the name of the Minister of Labour, plans, amongst other things, to allow companies to organize alternative working times without following industry-wide deals. Other measures would relax rules on layoffs and working from home and at night.

On the 9th of March, more than 200 000 people were on the streets to demonstrate against the law, and around one hundred secondary schools were closed. The next day of action is planed for the 17th of March.

The movement is mainly spreading thanks to social media and seems to be able to grow independently from traditional unions.

The initiative , a group of video makers opposed to the new law, made a video call for all people to send testimonies about their (already shitty) working conditions, call that has been very succesfull. We publish this video call here:

"Nobody can speak better about your job than you!
So get on your favorite social media and use hashtag .
Tell us about the last time you felt like you were getting screwed.Tell us about when you were asked to do something absurd and impossible. When you were unfairly refused a job. When your job took over your entire life. When you were asked to work for free or you didn't get your pay or your bonus. When you thought you were going nuts." (from the video)

Video testimonies are being sent from all around France, some people using different techniques to speak anonymously (covering their faces, creating small animation films..) while some are even ready to testify publicly (the first contributions were gathered in this video  - in French).




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