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The Burgerville Workers Union

The Burgerville Workers Union

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| 2016 |

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In Portland and Vancouver, Oregon USA, fast food workers have founded the “Burgerville Workers Union” and are demanding, amongst other things, $5 more an hour. In this video the Burgerville workers explain why they came together to organise, and how they struggle to pay their rent and buy food with an average wage of $9,60 an hour.

“Sometimes I think, how do people do it? And they don’t, they’re giving up something every month. Something important, like a car for example, or food.” (Quote from video).

The fight for a minimum living wage of $15 an hour laid the grounds for campaigns like this, explains Burgerville worker Luis Brennan. But it’s not just about securing a higher wage; it’s also about the empowerment of workers in the workplace. (Cited from Yes! Magazine)

The new union is looking for new members and allies. So far they have gained the support of the following groups: SEIU Local 49, the Portland teachers union, Portland Jobs with Justice, Portland Central America Solidarity Committee, und the People’s Food Co-op.


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