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Labour Law Bill. Strikes and Blockades… The Movement Has Found New Strength

Labour Law Bill. Strikes and Blockades… The Movement Has Found New Strength

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| 2016 |

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May 22, 2016 – After a week of strikes and blockades, the movement has found new strength. After two demonstrations on a national level, but above all after the strike by railway, transport and refinery workers as well as the blockades of fuel depots by strikers, supporters and the movement “Nuit Debout”, the government’s answer didn’t take a long time to be delivered: The government sent police forces in order to attack the strikers in an extremely violent way. Now is the very moment to internationally support the movement and to “attack French capital everywhere”.

“Let’s stay mobilised against the labour law bill and its world!” (quote from the video)

These people have their say in the video (chronological order): Christophe, SUD Rail shop steward; Laurent Delaporte, general secretary of CGT Dockers in Le Havre; Thierry Defresne, shop steward at CGT Total; another CGT unionist from Rouen; Claude Leclercq, general secretary of CGT in an industrial zone in Amiens as well as… French prime minister Manuel Valls!

The workers from Total refinery Grandpuits also joined the strike movement. These workers did play an outstanding role in the fight against pension shortages in 2010. There’s a film about this movement here.


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