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Deliveroo drivers' wildcat strike

Deliveroo drivers' wildcat strike



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| 2016 |

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London, 11 August 2016 - drivers protest in front of company headquarters in London. Their wage of an hourly rate of £7 plus £1 per delivery is to be cut to just £3.74 per delivery, but no hourly payment. The manager proposed speaking with drivers individually, an offer rejected by the outraged workers: “Everyone wants the same thing, 8 pounds per hour!” 

On August 23, London Deliveroo drivers met with Uber Eats drivers and those as well will go on wildcat strike. The UVW Union states:  "No employee status, no employee obligations: Wildcat strikes all the way!" and "Big things are happening people. The times are changing. Wake up, keep up and get involved!" A mass demonstration is announced for Friday 26 August.


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