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The Yellow Vests: Five Years Later

Zwei Frauen, eine mit gelber Weste vor brennendem Kreisverkehr

The Yellow Vests: Five Years Later

Five years after the Yellow Vest Uprising, we want to show two recent films that shed light on complex aspects of the movement. Both films present us with the opportunity to reflect upon the movement’s specificities and its influence on subsequent struggles.

Un Moment Sans Retour (A Moment of no Return)
F 2022, Raymond Macherel, with engl. subs
February 25, 5pm - Fuge Leipzig
February 26, 7pm - Regenbogenfabrik, Lausitzerstr. 22, Berlin

This documentary follows a group of Yellow Vests in Rennes, “Les Lapins Jaunes”, for several months,  starting in December 2018. The film shows the everyday of their struggle, the moments of joy but also of defeat and conflict. In particular, it deals with the difficulty of organising without recreating hierarchies and leaders.
The film will be followed by a discussion (in English) with a member of “Les Lapins Jaunes”.

L’histoire des gilets jaunes par nous (The Stories of the Yellow Vests By Us)
F 2023, Collectif L'Histoire des Gilets Jaunes Par Nous, with german subs
March 3, 5pm Fuge Leipzig
March 4, 7pm - Regenbogenfabrik, Lausitzerstr. 22, Berlin

This anthology documents the day by day of the Yellow Vest movement through images and videos shared on the internet by its participants. An important document, it shows the diversity of participants and also the diversity of their actions. As the film tracks the different phases of the movement, it allows an understanding of how the Yellow Vests ultimately lost momentum.
The film will be followed by a discussion (in German) with one of the filmmakers.


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