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Adil lives!

Adil lives!

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| 2021 |

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On June 30, around 40 people gathered in front of a Lidl store in Berlin to express their anger about the killing of unionist Adil Belakhdim.  

"He was killed to secure the profits of a german corporation. We are here to remind people that in the end Lidl is the one who is responsible for this and who profits from the repression against the logistics' workers' struggles." (from the video)

The 37 years old Adil Belakhdim was killed on June 18, 2021 in front of a Lidl distribution center in Biandrate (Novara). Together with 25 striking workers he blocked the entrance to the warehouse, when a lorry driver headed to the workers at full throttle to break through the picket overrunning and killing Adil Belakhdim.

The next action is on July 5th at 6:30pm (sharp) in front of the Lidl in Möllendorffstr. 75A in Berlin/Lichtenberg. - Join in and bring your friends! 



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